Diana Kiluu fails to get job, starts doing business
Diana Kiluu, an alumna of a university in Thika, prepares meals for those too tired to do it.

Speaking to a local media house, the entrepreneur said she ventured into business after unfruitful job hunting.

“I made over a hundred applications but never got a job as I do not have connections. I delved into business as I could not ask people for money yet I have hands.”

Diana, who has a degree in supply chain management and waiting to graduate with another in procurement, started selling chips in her apartment with a KSh 110 investment.

“The business grew and I opened a hotel where I would make KSh 1,500 a day.”

Diana Kiluu starts cooking in people’s homes
However, the rising cost of cooking oil forced her to close the business, and that is when she started cooking for people.

“My friend and I started cooking for people, and have been doing it for six months now.”
Diana, who also runs a business as a mama mboga selling vegetables and avocadoes, said the business is good.

“I don’t invest anything as the clients provide all the ingredients. When I cook chapati I charge up to KSh 400. The least I charge is KSh 100 for ugali and other simple meals.”

However, just like any other business, Diana also faces challenges.

“Sometimes you find we have no clients especially during the middle of the month.”

To avoid unwanted advances from clients, Diana has a friend who accompanies her when she goes to cook.

“Teaming up helps us avoid harassment by clients.”
The young lady who does outside catering for small groups of people and offers training classes said her dream is to scale up the business.

“I will employ fellow students because many struggle to make money.”

UoN dropout gets helps

Elsewhere, Simon Nyakundi, a father of two who dropped out of an engineering course expressed gratitude to Kenyans for contributing to his plight.

Nyakundi used proceeds from the fundraiser to acquire a trolley.

He disclosed that his dream was to own a fleet of trolleys, which he could then hire out at KSh 250 daily.

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