What Wanjigi has just said that seems to have shocked the whole nation

Presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi Saturday took his campaign trail to Voi, Taita Taveta County where he met supporters and grassroots leaders and aspirants in the Safina party.

He decried the economic status of the country saying “we are collapsing economically in every sphere of our existence and the problems coming ahead of us are even more grave.” The presidential hopeful in addition noted that the shilling has been falling against the dollar which portends a danger on the country’s debt cycle.

Wanjigi now says the country has added Ksh 175 billion to its debt in the last six months alone. This is translated to mean, that every Kenyan has a debt of slightly over Ksh 3,000 accrued between November 2021 and April 2022.

In the mid-morning meetings, the Safina Party presidential candidate discussed with the attendees’ several strategies meant to uplift the standing of the Safina Party in the coming elections and beyond.

Thereafter, he attended a youth meeting at the same location where he maintained that young people will be the deciding factor in the general election that is less than three months away.

He then called on the youth to vote out Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto, insisting that the duo is equally responsible for the sufferings endured by Kenyans today.

Wanjigi told rallies in Voi that it was time to focus on the 5.4 Million educated but jobless people spread across the country.

He has challenged his competitors to be realistic and debate real issues “let us debate issues of this nation, issues of the economy, issues that touch on the lives of every single one of us. I want us to start talking about solutions not politics of division,” he said.

The 59-year-old businessman cum politician, once again took the stage to criticize President Kenyatta for his active involvement in politics.

Wanjigi said it remains undeniably clear that Uhuru wants to remain in power beyond his term, adding that the president should leave Kenyans to decide their next leader.

By Kenyan report

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