Impacts of Lifestyle to the Success of your Business

Entrepreneurship can change the world in many ways but for this to happen all entrepreneurs must
embody some characteristics which will help them towards their goal.

For one to be a successful entrepreneur, one must have some factors like resilience, persistence.

Such traits come from a person’s inner strength and character, which is why lifestyle is important for an entrepreneur.

The Flourishing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle(FELs) is an online content movement that has set out to create awareness on the lifestyle formula that can bring positive outcome the entrepreneurs.

FELs is a fast rising global movement that stands to prove that your overall lifestyle can affect your
success in work or business.

The movement is bringing important learning skills to aspiring entrepreneurs through simple blog style
content that gives examples of the lifestyle and how to practice it.

The global Movement aims to grow and foster a community of people who want to be better primed for high achievement and to facilitate exchange of insights and support between them.

The movement advocates for the ten lifestyle pillars which have been carefully researched from the lives of top business leaders from around the globe.

Through their social media channels such as FELs Africa, FELs Arabia , FELs Latino and more the movement is able to make the content available all over the world but they mainly focus on the
developing regions of the world.

So far the channels are tailored to 14 major languages of the world.

The movement is led by successful serial entrepreneur Mr.Aiman Kabli who draws all the knowledge from his success in business.

Kabli has spearheaded over 20 technology startups, visited over 85 countries and read over 300 insightful books all which have helped bring up the FELs movement.

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