KPLC understands that in this new age, power connection is vital in almost each and every home in Kenya for lighting purposes and even cooking.

That is why KPLC has made the steps to applying for power connection even simpler by diversifying the methods on how you can apply for connection.

Here are the Steps to Follow in applying for first time power connection through KPLC:

Applying In-Person
Step 1: Make the application
Go to the nearest Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd (KPLC) office near you or to a Huduma centre to make the application.

If you are making application from Huduma centre, visit the KPLC desk to make the application.

Here you will be provided with an Enquiry for Supply of Electricity Application form to complete.

You will also be given a Supply Contract to fill and sign.

The application must be accompanied with the following documents for submission:

(a) A copy of National Identification (I.D) or Passport for Non-Kenyans (PDF, MS Word).

(b) A copy of route sketch leading to premises where supply is required.

(c) Copy of the PIN Certificate

(d) Wiring certificates

(e) Supply contract form

(f) Consent from the owner of the property

Step 2: KPLC site visit
After making the application KPLC will then conduct an external site inspection to verify standards compliance, estimate the cost.

This process is done within 8days from the date of application.

After the inspection, you will be given an estimated cost of supply for electricity.

Step 3: Pay estimate
Depending on the estimated cost for the supply of electricity, you should proceed to make the payments.

Present the payment receipt to KPLC offices to facilitate connection.

Step 4: Electricity connection
After presentation of the payment receipt, you will receive external works, meter installation and electricity flow.

The connection will be completed within 75days from payment of connection fees.

Applying Online
Step 1: Make Application
Visit the KPLC self-service portal to make the application
Click on the “new supply application’ on the right-hand side of the page.

Fill in the required data.

Attach the following required documents.

(a) Attach national id

(b) Wiring certificates

(c) Ownership documents

Tick the terms and conditions and click send. Your application will be sent to KPLC for action. You will receive a notification of your application via email address and details about KPLC’s site visit.

Steps 2,3 and 4 in the Applying in person category follow as well here.

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