Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta unapologetically threw his weight behind Azimio la Umoja presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga in the August 9 General Election and preached that his deputy of 10 years William Ruto was unsuitable to succeed him.

Ruto proved to the world that he was the real chess master after narrowly defeating Raila in his first attempt at the presidency. Raila was vying for the fifth time and had been nicknamed “the fifth”.

Even with the support of the so-called “deep state” which was under Uhuru, Raila still lost, one of his biggest disadvantages being the establishment candidate.

After Raila was floored and before Ruto took the oath of office, Uhuru said he was shocked with the outcome of the presidential election results and even agreed with his preferred presidential choice that the electoral commission engaged in malpractices.

But there is something that the former Head of State prophesied and it then sounded like he was a cynical pessimist.

Uhuru predicted that within the first three months of Ruto’s administration, Kenyans will understand why he de-campaigned Ruto. He alluded that Ruto was clueless about running the government.

A section of Kenyans, even some of those who supported Dr. Ruto now feel that Uhuru was right.

Some of the pronouncements top officials of the new administration have been making are disappointing, to say the least.

Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua say they have been forced to revise the timelines they had set to implement their manifesto, with the latter saying they inherited a dilapidated economy.

Many Kenyans were expecting that Ruto would lower the cost of living, especially unga prices, but that may not happen any time soon.

Also, the government has indicated it would stop financing public universities, a move that could lock out bright but needy students from furthering their education after finishing Form Four since the institutions are likely to increase fees.

The continuous excuses and blaming of Uhuru have angered Kenyans.
However, Ruto and Gachagua maintain that they are on the right track.

They claim that they have been forced to take painful measures like raising more revenues through taxes, but ultimately what they are doing now will make sense in the future.

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