A politician from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is lucky to have escaped unharmed after his house was hit by a petrol bomb on Monday, January 10, in Karachwonyo, Homa Bay County.

The incident was confirmed by area OCPD, Sarah Chumo, who stated that the incident happened at around 2.00 a.m

Speaking to the media, the Karachwonyo Central Member of County Assembly (MCA), Julius Gaya, narrated that his family is lucky to have survived the ordeal.

Karachwonyo Central MCA, Julius Gaya during his swearing at the Homa Bay County Assembly Offices.HOMA BAY COUNTY ASSEMBLY
“The incident took place at around 2.00 am. Some unknown hooligans came and threw a petrol bomb into my home but hit the store.

“Their intention was to harm us because the store is connected electrically to the entire homestead,” he recounted.

The MCA revealed that he had earlier been alerted by his dogs that barked continuously, prompting him to go and check the cause of alarm.

As he stepped out, the bomb went off. He saw a group of young men, whom he suspected threw the bomb, eloping into the dark.

Gaya claimed that the attack on his family was politically instigated, accusing his opponents of intolerance.

“I am a politician, my stand is known and my side is known to be in the lead. I believe that those who are not tolerant are not ready to accept the reality,” the MCA alleged.

Chumo told the media that the police had launched an inquiry into the incident. She assured Gaya and his family that the perpetrators would be brought to book. 

Other MCAs from the region condemned the attack and the use of the youth to fight political wars.

Sourced from Kenyans

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