Lillian Nganga filed a case at Milimani High Court seeking a restraining order against Machakos governor Alfred Mutua who has refused to let her go.

The former Machakos first lady decided to institute legal action against Mutua accusing him of harassment and refusing to move on.

On September 22nd, Lillian requested Mutua for a mature and amicable separation before two mutual friends at Windsor Golf and Country Club.

However, Mutua refused to let go that easy and Lillian was forced to seek legal action against him. She filed a case at Milimani High Court on October 7th seeking a restraining order saying she believes her life and those around her were in danger.

In her affidavit, Lillian stated that Mutua has been harassing and threatening her after she resisted all attempts to get back together with him.

She also alleges her shares in Ndash Enterprises Ltd – the hotel company – were transferred without her consent. Ng’ang’a said she named the company after her high school nickname, Ndash.

On Sunday November 7th, Lillian took to social media to narrate how the Machakos governor is obsessed with her.

She said Mutua bought her a brand new car in August and also promised to do all a lot for her in a desperate attempt to win her back.

“For all whose only attack line is material things:

1. Alfred bought me a brand new car 2 Months ago. I returned it to the dealer.
2. He offered to buy me a house, support me financially, a job etc. I declined.
3. He offered me a white wedding. I declined.

Value yourselves,” Lillian Nganga tweeted.

She added that;

“Lastly, Alfred Mutua’s social media people. You seem to forget I know all of you and how you work. I saw all of you being hired & I know all you are planning. You continue to be misused to fight someone’s personal wars where as you don’t have all the details.

“Have some values ( if possible ) and concentrate on making Alfred President. He would make a great President!”

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