The government has announced planned evictions and demolitions in some estates in Nairobi.

Through a notice issued by Nairobi Deputy Regional Commissioner, James Kianda, and dated Friday, October 8, the demolitions are set to pave way for the expansion of the Nairobi Expressway.

According to the notice, Mukuru Kwa Njenga and adjacent areas will be greatly affected by the demolitions.

Mukuru Kwa Njenga SlumFILE
The notice, addressed to the residents, has asked them especially those along Catherine Ndereba Road to start demolishing their structures.

Houses and business structures are among those earmarked for demolition creating a link between the Expressway and Industrial area.

Justifying the move, Deputy Regional Commander stated that the exercise will enable the construction of an emergency route from the Nairobi Expressway.

The emergency exit is expected to start from the City Cabanas junction and stretch all the way to Nairobi Railway station.

He assured the residents who will be affected that after the construction is done, it will open up Mukuru Kwa Njenga economically.

At the same, he cautioned against any cases of resistance saying that the Nairobi Metropolitan and security officers will be called upon to oversee the process.

“It is a road that is being created to provide an exit at a link road that is being created around Cabanas. It is going to providing an exit to the Industrial area all the way to Railway Station here in the city,” he noted.

“Secondly we are earmarking public utilities that are going to be linked to this road some of those public utilities are already in existence and others could not be implemented because of the conditions that we have been experiencing within Mukuru Kwa Njenga.”

The diversion that will snake through Mukuru Kwa Njenga is also seen as an emergency route to handle different cases in the area that require impromptu action.

“Mukuru is prone to emergencies. So if an emergency were to occur this is going to be the first exit after the airport that we are going to have and it is going to provide services to the Expressway,” he added.

The move to evict some residents come as the iconic road structure continues to take shape ahead of the official opening.

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