A bishop is set to walk from his village in Kabachi, Igembe North in Meru County to Nairobi to deliver ‘God’s prophecy’ to Deputy President William Ruto.

The Bishop who is already on the third day of his mission said that he carries a top-secret prophecy only meant for the ears of the country’s second-in-command.

He claimed that God had sent him a message for the DP and instructed him to walk to his place as he prays for peace in the country ahead of the 2022 elections.

“God has sent me to have a prayer walk from village in Kamweline village in Kabachi. I will walk to Nairobi while praying as instructed by God and to safely deliver the prophecy to DP Ruto,” he said.

Bishop Machiula also claimed that God had tasked him to also pray for President Uhuru Kenyatta to properly lead the nation during the challenging time of Covid-19.

He said that God wants Kenyan to be peaceful ahead of the 2022 elections. He said that God wants Kenyans to always know that a leader comes from Him and they should respect whoever emerges the victor in the 2022 elections.

Speaking of the challenges he has faced since starting his journey, the bishop said that he has a problem covering longer distances as he would wish

“At my age, I can hardly cover 40kilomeres daily because I easily get tired,” the 69-year-old said as reported by a local daily.

In the journey, Bishop Machiuka is, however, accompanied by Pastor Julius Mukali who is there to give him morale.

Pastor Julius said that they can only encounter the challenges of the journey if they trust in the world of God.

“We can only be delivered from our inequities and daily challenges if we trust and pray for forgiveness from the maker,” he told the daily.

The two intends to camp at DP Ruto’s residence or office until they can deliver the special message once they reach Nairobi.

By K24 TV

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