A fire outbreak at an apartment in Embu County trapped several residents on Tuesday morning, October 5. 

Emergency service providers comprising of the county fire brigade, police officers and health practitioners rushed to rescue the residents at the Matakari, Dallas estate. 

Photos shared by eyewitnesses showed the storey building on fire, with heavy waves of billowing smoke pouring out of the building.

The residents claimed that the fire emanated from one of the rental houses before spreading to a few others. They suspected that the explosion that followed suit may have been caused by a gas leak. 

Residents evacuated trapped tenants at a house in Embu County on Tuesday, October 5, 2021FILE

However, police officers at the scene had not yet ascertained the cause of the furnace. They calmed down the agitated residents as rescue operations commenced. The fire brigade immediately resorted to putting off the fire that was quickly spreading. 

Prior to the emergency service providers responding to the emergency calls, area residents opted to evacuate a number of tenants they could reach out to. 

Residents were spotted descending hastily through the stairs while others jumped via balconies. Kimari Ward MCA Morris Nyaga, who also availed himself at the scene, however, cautioned those trapped from jumping from the building as they were at risk of incurring critical injuries. 

Kimari concurred with the residents that the fire was unfortunate, but lamented that fire outbreaks were on the rise in the region. 

In the past few weeks, several cases were reported. Many of them were alleged to have been caused by faulty gas cylinders. 

“Property worthy Ksh2 million was destroyed. This is such a big loss to our constituents. 

“I want to thank Dallas residents for their quick response when this fire started. They joined hands, used water and available fire extinguishers to contain the fire as emergency service providers rushed to their aid,” Nyaga lauded.

The MCA called upon the county government, under Embu Governor Martin Wambora, to increase the budget for emergency and disaster services. Increasing the number of fire extinguishers, he stated, was to be given top priority. 

No casualties were reported at the time of publication. 

By Kenyans

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