Eric Maigo was Stabbed 25 Times By This Woman

Nairobi Hospital’s Finance Director, Erick Maigo, tragically succumbed to 25 stab wounds, as revealed by a postmortem conducted at Lee Funeral Home on a Saturday.

The postmortem revealed that he had been stabbed 25 times and not 16 times as reported by the initial police report. The examination uncovered that some critical organs had been ruptured due to the vicious attack.

Chief government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor stated that there were no signs of defensive injuries, indicating that Maigo was likely unable to resist while being stabbed.

The unidentified attacker, who had possibly spent the night at the residence, managed to escape just minutes before the police arrived at the scene. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with this brutal crime.

The motive behind this horrifying incident remains unclear, with investigators considering whether it was driven by rage or other factors. Police are currently pursuing the suspect who is believed to be a woman.

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