A family in Embu Town is crying for justice following the mysterious death of their kin who was a renowned master of ceremonies- emcee.

The rising star of 25-year-old Newton Mugendi popularly known as MC Newto was dimmed on the night of Monday October 11 after he suffered a stab wound in the head from an unknown assailants and later succumbed to the injuries while receiving treatment.

According to his wife, Sakinah Wanjiku, they had spent the whole day indoors until later in the evening when he left to see a friend who had been incessantly calling him and had declined to pick his calls.

“He told me he had decided to see the caller friend, a Mr. Muturi, and told me to take good care of our unborn child and gave me back my ID card that he was the one in possession of for a very long time ,” His wife told Citizen Digital.

Wanjiku, who is expected to deliver in less than two weeks’ time, continued that after probing him over the statement, her husband just told her “sh** happens” and left the house never to return.

Attempts to reach him later in the night became futile after his phone went off until the following day when the family was told he had been spotted lying at the veranda of a shop in the nearby Dallas Estate.

His mother, Janet Karimi, said by the time they got to him, he was unconscious though his heart was still beating faintly and also had his head stitched and an intravenous (IV) fluid bottle beside him an indication that he had been taken to hospital.

“ It is a mystery to us how he found himself on the shop veranda yet there are clear indications that he had been taken to hospital going by the stitches on his head and the IV drip” his mother said.

She said they took him to Karira Mission Hospital where he was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and died an hour later at around 10 am.

Family and colleagues spent the better part of Friday afternoon recording statements with Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers at Embu Police Station where they demanded prompt and thorough investigations to be carried out and have the culprit brought to book.

“We will defer his burial slated for Tuesday next week for as long as it will take until we know who killed him and the motive behind,” said youth leader Dennis Macharia.

According to Macharia no reports have been made on progress made by the police with regard to the death of their colleague.

They have now threatened to hold demonstrations on Monday next week if no progress will have

been made by then.

“We are saying that if there will be no new development by Sunday, we will hold a massive and peaceful demonstration on Monday demanding justice for Newto,” Macharia said.

By Citizen digital

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