Drama, MP Kaluma Walks Out of a Live Interview

Yesterday, Azimio Mp Hon. Kaluma dramatically walked out of a live TV interview after a heated conversation with Mijungu.

In a clip shared by KTN news The famous Mp got furious after Gatundu south Mp Hon. Kagombe questioned him on using people as political shields to attain political aspirations.

While speaking on the issue, Kaluma questioned some of the things mentioned by police IG , amongst them the hiring of bodies by the Azimio wing to fake deaths during anti government protests.

Well, during the interview Kaluma got angry and removed his mic before dramatically walking out of the news room.

The gatundu south parliamentarian said that Azimio had been using innocent kenyans as shields to gain political mileage.

He alleged that so many lives had been lost during protests all for the reason that Raila and his allies wanted a piece of the current government.

More details in regards to the interesting development will follow-up soon as the news continues to unfold.

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