President William Ruto will need to tame his Cabinet Secretaries if he is to serve peacefully and not have issues with Kenyans, he has been warned.This comes at a time when the Head of State seems to be struggling to keep his campaign promises, with most of them remaining unimplemented.

Among them is the lowered cost of living, with the government blaming this on poor policies by the previous regime and lack of finances.

New York-based Policy Analyst Tony Sisule warns that one of Ruto’s CSs is openly contradicting him, which could result in Kenyans doubting him.

He has named Gender CS Aisha Jumwa, saying that her recent remarks on salary hikes for civil servants could be translated to mean that Ruto is lying.

“The President ordered hundreds of billions cut from the current budget, but officials excited with their newfound powers are countermanding him, with the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Public Services Aisha Jumwa promising miraculous ‘manna,’ not to the starving Kenyans, but in the form of higher salaries for the well-paid government officials,” he writes in The Standard.

He warns that this could easily turn the people against Ruto’s government and even see them make it hard for him to lead or result in a revolution.

“Ms Jumwa’s insensitivity to the plight of struggling Kenyans is akin to Queen Marie Antoinette of France who was accused of wasteful spending to pamper herself with luxury as the French people faced famine during the Flour Wars of 1775, and mismanagement stymied efforts to repay state debts, precipitating the revolution that overthrew King Louis XVI and led to his execution together with the Queen,” he adds

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