Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale says Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai should resign from office over the escape of self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala from a police cell.

Khalwale, who was speaking Thursday on Citizen TV’s Day Break show, claims that the 21-year-old confessed killer was aided out of Jogoo Road Police Station where he was detained at the time of the escape.

The former Senator, who has been previously arrested and locked up in a police cell says: “you cannot run away from a police station, you have to be aided to come out.”

“We must insist that the IG Mr. Mutyambai should resign before 1pm today. How can a serial murderer who killed 13 children just walk out of a properly manned police station with no window or door being broken.”

As a person who has been serially arrested & locked up in police cells I know that you cannot run away from a police station, you have to be aided to come out. They do regular roll calls at night and even in the morning,” Khalwale expressed.

Also on the Day Break show was Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga and Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi. They too could not fathom out how Wanjala made his way out of a guarded police station.

Governor Mutua expressed his shock, adding that someone should be held responsible for the Wednesday incident.

“It is quite shocking to hear about the self-confessed killer who basically seemed to have walked out of his holding cell. How do you lose a person who is a confessed killer of children in this country as a police outfit? Heads will need to roll,” said Mutua, accusing police of laxity.

“When I look at this person’s history to me I don’t think he (Masten Wanjala) is in a position to have money to compromise the police. So, this to me smacks of laxity.”

The Governor added: “I think when you’ve been held in remand for longtime they (police) get comfortable with you…unaambiwa ukafagie pale nje, ukatupe takataka. That goes back to our judicial system… once you’ve been charged let the case proceed as quickly as possible.”

Senator Wamatangi apportioned blame to the court, wondering why the 21-year-old suspect had to be remanded at Jogoo Road Police Station bearing in mind the gravity of his offence.

“Having a murderer like this young man out on the loose is sending chills down the spine of parents… It’s unbelievable that even the court thought that a murderer of that magnitude should be held in a police station on Jogoo road for that period,” said Wamatangi.

On her part, Gladys Wanga described the incident as careless on the part of the police officers who were on duty.

“This kind of carelessness is unacceptable,” she said.

Meanwhile, three police officers have been arrested for allegedly aiding the escape of Masten Millimo Wanjala.

Police Inspector Philip Mbithi and Police Constables Boniface Mutuma and Precious Mwende all of Jogoo Police Station are in custody and are set to be arraigned.

They will be charged with aiding escape from lawful custody and neglect of official duty contrary to section 124 and 128 of the Penal code respectively.

Wanjala, who is linked to the murder of more than 10 minors, escaped from police custody on Wednesday and was expected in court that morning to face 13 counts of murder.

By Citizen TV

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