Blunder That Led to The Arrest of ODM Politician at JKIA

On Saturday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed their successful pursuit of a fugitive politician suspected of orchestrating a counterfeit gold operation.

This elusive figure, a former candidate in the 2022 parliamentary elections, had managed to elude law enforcement for several months.

However, a breakthrough occurred on Friday, October 6, when the politician made a fateful decision to book a flight from Nairobi to Kisumu.

Upon learning of this crucial development, diligent detectives at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) swiftly mobilized. They identified the politician through the details he used during the flight booking process.

This operation marked a significant turning point in the investigation, demonstrating the DCI’s dedication to bringing those involved in fraudulent activities to justice.

DCI detailed that the politician had already taken his seat on the plane at the time of his arrest.

“He was ejected from a Kisumu-bound flight yesterday afternoon by hawk-eyed detectives who had gotten wind of his last-minute travel itinerary.

“The suspect has been engaging detectives in cat and mouse games and is wanted in connection to a case where he defrauded two Thai nationals over Ksh13 million in a fake gold deal,” DCI detailed in its report.

After the arrest, detectives also carried out an operation at the suspect’s house in Lavington with several items, including gold-looking bars and export seals recovered.

A dust coat branded by the Ministry of Mining and digital weighing scales were also recovered.

DCI added that the politician was also arrested after his accomplice was apprehended in August. Reports alleged that the accomplice cooperated with the police to track down the wanted suspect. 

The duo was alleged to have posed a businessman dealing in gold before receiving the payment from the nationals from Thailand.

Detectives added that the duo’s operations were well-planned as they once convinced foreigners to jet into the country in April for a fake deal. However, the duo failed to deliver on their promise.

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