President William Ruto has received morning shocker after Azimio One Kenya Coalition senators declared that they’ll boycott President William Ruto’s business brought in the house.

According to Azimio senator Edwin Sifuna, Ruto’s plans can’t be passed when Azimio deny Kenya Kwanza side numbers.

The battle in the senate is not different from the the ongoing politics, the Azimio camp push for changes in the minority leadership was interrupted by Speaker Amason Kingi.

Azimio wants Speaker to effect changes after Azimio senator rallied behind Ruto’s camp while holding Azimio minority seat.

Sifuna says passage of the budget policy statement and the medium-term debt management strategy paper will continue to delay for weeks, until the leadership changes row is resolved.

Raila Odinga’s has for recent days lost his allies to the government. With the announcement of mass protest and rallies, president Ruto launched charm offensive battle to woo Azimio leaders.

Opposition leader has suffered quite another blow as his anti-government rallies across the nation continue. The latest blow comes after over 30 luo Nyanza politicians met the head of state at Statehouse on Monday.

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