Owning land is one of the lucrative investments that has been left for rich individuals over the years.

But the situation is actually different today as with just a salary of Ksh50,000 you can actually buy a piece of land within the Nairobi Metropolis.

You only need a strategic savings plan to achieve this dream. Joining SACCOs has been one of the most successful plans to achieve the goal.

With a SACCO, you can get a loan four times the amount you have saved to purchase the land. With savings of just Ksh20,000 a month, one can save up to Ksh200,000 a year. With this amount, the SACCO facilitated a loan of up to one million to buy the land.

Here are some of the areas where you can purchase a piece of land at relatively cheaper prices.

Kamulu town is one of the fastest-growing towns around Nairobi. It is located on Kangundo road; 30-minutes’ drive away from Nairobi CBD. An 1/8-acre of land goes for as low as Ksh795,000.


Kitengela town is an hour drive from Nairobi CBD and has attracted many investors due to the availability of affordable plots. Here, you can get an 1/8-acre of land from as low as Ksh850,000.


Kajiado is another best area to get your piece of land. It is an hour drive from Nairobi CBD. With just Ksh795000, you can buy an 1/8-acre of land for your investment.


Joska town is another good place located on Kangundo road and is just a 30-minutes’ drive from Nairobi CBD. Plots in this area are sold from Ksh850,000.


Ngong is one of the fastest-growing around Nairobi. It is located an hour drive from Nairobi CBD and is one of the coolest places to buy land for your home. Here an 1/8-acre of land goes for as low as Ksh796,000.

Due diligence while buying land

Having the money to buy the land is not all in the acquisition process. Due process must be followed or else you can lose your money and the land altogether to fraudsters.

Conduct a search with the Ministry of Lands to find out whether the sellers are rightful owners and whether the land has no controversy. You only pay Ksh520 for the search.

Once that is done, have your lawyer draft all the required legal agreements for the successful transfer of ownership.

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