TSC Hiring Guidelines: The Teachers Service Commission has released guidelines for the hiring of new interns. This follows an advertisement that will see the commission hire about 2,000 new interns.

In a circular by the Teachers Service Commission director of staffing Rita Wahome, the commission said that the new interns will be part of the 6,000 interns who will be retained by the commission for the January 2022 to December 2022 period. These are the interns who were not absorbed into permanent and pensionable terms in the previous mass hiring by the TSC.

“The remaining 4,005 posts will be filled by the serving teacher interns recruited in 2021 who were not absorbed into the permanent and pensionable terms of service as advertised in the previous recruitments. Details of the distribution of the posts are available in the TSC website,” said Wahome.

In the new guidelines, interns with disabilities will be assessed using a different score sheet.

In addition, TSC regional directors will be required to come up with new merit lists from the system-generated lists after verification of documents. All candidates will be required to have come from these lists which will be available for public scrutiny. Also, candidates must have original examination results, their names must appear in the graduation lists and must have all relevant original documents.

Ms. Wahome added that no successful applicant will be allowed to sign the internship agreement or be issued with offer of internship letter before his/her eligibility is ascertained. “It is only after clearance at the headquarters and vetting at the county level that the applicant will be called upon to sign the internship agreement and be issued with the offer of internship letter,” she said on the new TSC hiring guidelines.

By Bizna Kenya

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