Before we proceed, the starting capital of 10K (ten thousand) is translated into Kshs (Kenyan shilling), and that’s why I’ll refer to this amount as Ksh 10K throughout the article.

I have grouped the businesses you can start with 10K in Kenya into four broad categories as follows:

Online Businesses

Service industry

Retail Industry


Here is a list of profitable businesses to start with 10K in Kenya:

Online Businesses in Kenya

The following online business ideas in Kenya require minimal starting capital.

  1. Blogging

A blog, in simple terms, is a website where you create contents to be viewed by your target audience online. It’s profitable if you pick the right topic for your blog and know your target audience’s needs or wants.

Blogger is a free blogging platform in Kenya to kick-start a profitable online business with 10K.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you are selling other people’s products online while earning a commission every time someone buys after clicking your link or banner.

To get started, you will need two things:

Website to start affiliate marketing.

A PayPal account for receiving payments from your online sales.

If you don’t have a blog yet, this is the best way to start an online business with a small investment of 10K in Kenya.

  1. Freelancing Business

Freelancing is when you offer your services online to customers looking for help in areas where you are strong enough.

People who need freelancers are primarily big companies that can’t manage their time to complete specific projects due to lack of expertise in the area they want help in or just too many projects piling up.

To become a good freelancer, you must be an expert in your field and always available when clients need you to work for them online.

You can start with 10K in Kenya by offering writing, graphic designing, or maybe programming, etc.

  1. YouTube Channel Business

You can make money through YouTube channels in Kenya, but you need to invest

more than 10K. With 10K, you can use this to purchase equipment such as a good phone, a tripod, and other accessories to make your videos look professional.

You can also start a YouTube channel business on a shoestring budget of 10K in Kenya, but you’ll need to be creative since the equipment will eat up most of the amount.

However, there is potential in starting a business with your YouTube channel within 6-12 months if you focus on it and work hard.

To grow your YouTube channel, you must learn to engage your audience by providing them with high-quality content to make them come back for more.

Video content is becoming popular in Kenya, hence the potential to grow your online business through YouTube.

  1. Digital Influencer Business

You don’t need 10K in Kenya to become a digital influencer. All you need is to be creative and passionate about what you do.

As a digital influencer, you will influence your audience by helping them solve problems they might be facing through engaging and helpful content.

This can translate into making money online, and apart from blogging, this is another way of starting a profitable online business with 10K in Kenya.

Of course, if you are popular enough to be recognized by well-positioned brands, you’ll make good money from your social media platform. Viewers or followers can request sponsorship if they like what you do on the internet.

Service Industry Business

Another broad industry is the service industry, and below are some of the profitable businesses you can start with 10K in Kenya:

  1. Home Salon Business

If you have been thinking of setting up a business in Kenya, then a home salon may be a good idea. Many people either can’t afford to get their hair done at salons or don’t have time.

Many young individuals have turned this business into a profitable venture where they spend little cash on equipment and take up clients within their neighborhood.

You can also achieve this at a very minimal cost and start earning profits from the first month you get your first customer.

  1. Small Barbershop business

This is another type of small business you can start in Kenya with your 10K. Many people are looking for affordable haircuts, which has given rise to the boom of barbershops.

You can take advantage of this opportunity

by starting a small barbershop that offers low prices for various hair services. Alternatively, you can provide unique services that most barbers may not provide.

  1. Delivery business in Kenya

This is another small business idea you can start in Kenya with 10K. The main goal of this venture will be to make profits by delivering goods for people who are too busy or lazy to go out and get these items themselves.

For example, you can deliver groceries for homemakers who have no time to go shopping, office items for companies, bottled water for homes, etc.

  1. Car Wash business

Car washesare top-rated in Nairobi, and you can start this business with your 10K. It will be an added advantage if you own a van or, even better, a self-wash bay where people will be able to wash their cars themselves.

You can make good money from this business, and you’ll get more customers on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

  1. Cleaning Services business

This is another type of small business that is easy to start with 10K in Kenya. You will be able to save on the cost of buying equipment such as mops and buckets since you can use old equipment that you’ll be able to recover from your last place of work.

Most employers lookout for cleaners, and you can start this venture by offering the service to your former managers or co-workers.

  1. Web & Graphics Designing Business

This is a fast-growing sector that will give you good returns. You need to have strong designing skills and market your services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you have 10K in Kenya, this is abusiness ideathat will produce quick results, and you can start making money from your first week.

Retail Industry Businesses

The retail industry is broad, and some of the small business ideas you can start in Kenya with 10K include:

  1. Second-Hand Clothes Business (Mitumba)

Many people can’t afford new clothes and will be happy to get high-quality used items for a lower price. You can make good profits from this business by buying used clothes in bulk and selling them at an affordable price.

  1. Ladies Shoes & Handbags Business

Ladies’ shoes and handbags are

accessories that many women like. You can start this business with 10K in Kenya and make good profits by buying good quality items at a low price and reselling them to your targeted customers.

You can buy these shoes and handbags wholesale from Kamkunji in Nairobi and sell them at a profit.

  1. Street food business

Street food is trendy in Kenya, and many people, especially the youth, do not mind patronizing these shops even if it means eating foods that may be past their expiry date.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by starting a street food business to sell different types of snacks or meals that have high demand on the streets. Examples of these foods include; Smokies, Boiled eggs, fries, etc.

You can even start this business by buying street food from other sellers and selling them at your shop for double the price.

  1. Fruit Vending business

Another small business idea in Kenya with a capital of Kshs 10,000 is to start a fruit vending machine.

This is an excellent opportunity, especially for those who want to have their own business but cannot afford significant capital investments.

In addition, you can buy the equipment from other businesses that are closing down and do not have enough money to maintain them.

Buying this equipment is a good investment since quickly recovering the cost.

  1. Cereals business

Another small business in Kenya that you can start with 10K sells cereals.

This is a venture that will require less capital and, at the same time, give you good returns since it’s in great demand, especially in urban areas where many people spend most of their time indoors.

You’ll be surprised by the number of customers looking for breakfast cereals, especially in the morning.

Remember that you can also sell cereal at lunchtime, dinner time, and even in the evening when you close down your business for the day.


The agricultural sector in Kenya is increasing, and there are many opportunities in this area that you can take advantage of with 10K in Kenya.

  1. Farming

Farming will give you a good source of income and help reduce pressure on the food demand by Kenyans as it becomes.

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