As Kenyans awaited for Treasury CS Professor Njuguna Ndungu to emerge from his treasury offices on Thursday for this year’s budget reading, one man and activist Julius Kamau was at the center of attention.

This was after Njuguna caused emotions by protesting outside the National Treasury and Planning offices attracting the attention of security officers.

From the video shared by Citizen TV, Njuguna carried a protesting placard written ‘Colonialism Never Really Ended‘. According to the activist, he was fighting for the rights of many Kenyans whom he claimed are being mistreated by the government through punitive taxes.

However, his protests were cut short by law enforcers, who arrested him and quickly whisked him away from the scene.

This is not the first time that Kamau is causing drama outside National Treasury Offices. In 2022, Kamau was also arrested after a similar protests

He was apprehended during his protest against the escalating prices of essential commodities before the announcement of the 2022-2023 budget.

Following his release, Kamau declared his unwavering commitment to fight for the rights of Kenyan citizens, even in the face of onlookers who captured videos while witnessing the mistreatment he endured at the hands of law enforcement.

For nearly a decade, Kamau has dedicated himself to raising awareness among Kenyans, individuals who, he believes, hold the power to rise up and demand change within the system.

Expressing his determination, Kamau asserted that he would not back down in his endeavors to highlight the hardships inflicted upon Kenyans due to the mounting cost of living.

Julius Kamau vowed to keep fighting for Kenyans.

Kamau before he was arrested in 2022. Photo/Courtesy

Furthermore, Kamau emphasized that activists do not require financial support or assistance from donors to advocate for the interests of Kenyans, viewing it as a duty rooted in patriotism. He reiterated that his involvement in protests was not orchestrated by any organization or individual, despite widespread perceptions that he was being manipulated to incite unrest.

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