The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has released the nomination fees its party members will part with before flying the party’s flag in the August 9 General Election.

According to the memo posted on UDA’s Social Media pages and seen by People Daily Digital, nomination fees for persons seeking the party’s presidential ticket will attract the highest amount at Ksh1 million for male candidates while female and youthful candidates will part with Ksh500,000.

Inviting all interested and qualified aspirants to submit their applications for nominations on or before February 28, 2022, UDA stated that the nomination fees for aspirants angling for the gubernatorial positions stands at Ksh 500,000 for male candidates and Ksh250,000 for the youth and female candidates.

Male senatorial aspirants will part with Ksh 250,000 while their female counterparts will part with half the amount, same with youthful candidates.

Women Representatives on the other hand will have to part with Ksh250,000 while youthful politicians seeking the same position will have to part with half the amount to get UDA’s nomination ticket.

Aspirants seeking the position of members of the National Assembly (MPs) are required to part with Ksh 250,000 for male candidates, Ksh 125,000 for female aspirants and the youth.

For aspirants seeking UDA’s ticket to run for the Member of County Assembly (MCA) position, the male politicians will have to set aside Ksh50,000 while the youth and female candidates remit half the amount.

By People Daily

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