Former Kenya National Union of Teachers  Secretary-General, Wilson Sossion has come clean on claims that he has parted ways with Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke the vocal lawmaker stated that he is a life member of ODM and loyal to Raila Odinga.

Sossion further dismissed claims that he has joined United Democratic Alliance affiliated with Deputy President William Ruto, maintaining that he will remain loyal till the 2022 General Election.

Raila Odinga (Right) pictured at Wilson Sossion's home on September 19, 2020.

Raila Odinga (Right) pictured at Wilson Sossion’s home on September 19, 2020.

“I am a life member of the ODM party and I am very loyal to my party leader Raila Odinga. All those claims, you are seeing on social media are just propaganda being pushed by my political distractors,”However, Sossion added that his political ambition of taking a stab at the Bomet Senatorial seat is still on.

“I will let the people of Bomet decide which party I am going to use to vie for Bomet senatorial seat. For now, we are still almost a year to the General election, But still, I can vie with the ODM party ticket, who told you ODM cannot clinch a seat in Bomet?”

Claims that he had ditched ODM for UDA came after his interview with a local station, Chamgei FM. He announced his bid to contest for the Bomet seat, currently occupied by Christopher Andrew Lang’at.

In 2017, ODM nominated Sossion to parliament in a controversial way, where he had demanded that his name be struck out of the list of nominees presented by the party.

The Nominated MP in a teary message on June 25, announced his resignation from KNUT. He justified that emotional moment, claiming that he was moved to tears after recounting his journey from humble beginning to gaining national recognition.

“My tears started rolling and I was overwhelmed when I started mentioning the teachers of Bomet. Those were tears of love. Those tears were not meant for everybody.

If those teachers did not elect me, I’m sure I might still be teaching in one of the schools in Bomet. If I was not picked to KNUT office, the teachers of Kenya wouldn’t have seen me and given me a national platform,” he stated.

Sossion who served as KNUT Secretary-General from 2016 appealed to the government to support the teachers, even as he stepped out.

By Kenyans

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