Seven family members died after inhaling generator fumes while they were asleep in their house at Osun state, south western Nigeria.

According to the police eight family members were found in a room with only one of them breathing.

The police spokesperson Yemesi Opalola said that the victims were discovered by their neighbours.

Investigations into the deaths of the seven family members are underway while the survivor is currently receiving specialized treatment.

Over the years, cases of Nigerians dying due to inhaling the poisonous smoke have increased in areas that have not developed due to power outages.

According to sources, some of these accidents occur when the victims place their generators inside their houses or somewhere much closer to their living rooms and go to bed.

In other incidences, the victims bring the generators into the house soon after they are switched off.

According to experts, generators emit a deadly gas, Carbon monoxide, during or after use.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas and once it is inhaled in some quantity, it simply kills without mercy.

Last month, four family members perished while asleep in Kwara state eastern Nigeria after inhaling the poisonous fumes from a generator.

In 2014, research indicated that over 10, 000 deaths resulting from poisonous fumes were recorded in the country thus raising an alarm. Most of the deaths occurred between 2008 and 2014.

Due to that, the government was advised to intensify efforts towards improving energy so as to ensure the safety of lives and property.

Sourced from Sonko news

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