Reason Why Akothee Broke up With Her Mzungu Hubby

It was quite imminent that Andrew Kibe would indulge in the colloquy surrounding Akothee’s recent reported break-up with her husband Dennis Schweizer.

The mother of 5 made her revelation of undergoing depression; leading to speculations that she might have decided to call it quits with her mzungu hubby.

Most have shared their sentiments on the paramount issue, claiming that Akothee rushed things before getting married to Schweizer. It seemed like a happy ever after marriage; but things might have gone south really fast.

In less than 6 months of their marriage, it seems like Akothee’s expectations towards her marriage with the white dude didn’t go well.

Kibe’s Prophecies

Well, Kibe has prophesied a couple of relationships to end in a cul de sac- and this one was not any different.

The YouTuber has now shared what might have led to their fall-out. According to Kifee, he claims Dennis might have been a Pakistani who was pretending to be Swiss.

At least this is what Akothee divulged about her husband. Secondly, Kibe claims that the guy wasn’t good in bed as Akothee had expected, expediting their break-up.

Kibe made his sentiments via his usual vlogs, adding that they weren’t meant to be and that the guy was just a scam; with Akothee ignoring the red flags.

Akothee has been in several relationships, and none of them seem to be working. Bear in mind that Miguna Miguna had also warned Akothee about her white hubby. What do you think of Andrew Kibe’s sentiments?

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