Raila Odinga has finally explained in depth the pain he felt after losing BBI appeal at the hands of High Court. It was pretty painful considering he had risked his health to canvass the country playing reggae and popularizing the constitutional amendment bill. If everything had gone according to his plans, Kenyan Constitution (2010) would now have over 73 amendments.

Speaking at Radio Citizen, Raila has said that he and Uhuru Kenyatta are going to accept the verdict that will come from Court of Appeal. As much as he wants the court to annul the previous verdict, he will support its decision regardless.

Speaking on the backdrop of SabaSaba anniversary, Raila Odinga observed that the country has sacrificed a lot for the democracy we enjoy today. Many people died and others imprisoned for us to get where we are as a nation. Respecting court’s decision is one way of making sure that all those sacrifices were not in vain.

“When the lower court declared the BBI process illegal, we respected their decision, but sought redress from the higher court. Our teams presented our case and we were well defended, I believe the judges will be fair in their verdict and serve justice to the people of Kenya,” Raila said.

“We cannot, therefore, object that which we fought for, if the court’s verdict will be against us, we shall respect their decision,” he added.

Contrary to popular belief, Raila said that BBI is meant to tame the country’s bludgeoning wage structure. He said that by having Cabinet Secretaries and Prime Minister come from parliament will make sure the government does not spend a lot on salaries.

“If this Referendum sails through, it will be a great relief to the ordinary citizens. For instance, a prime minister will be an MP receiving salary through Parliament. We shall not be having Cabinet secretaries outside Parliament like we do currently. Instead, all Cabinet ministers will be Members of Parliament,” Raila explained.

He said that people should not be worried about concerns by IEBC about timelines. Even if it is December, the country will go into referendum before next year’s elections according to Raila Odinga.

“I believe the reggae is still on, don’t worry. We went on halftime because some players got injured, but we shall be back,” he said.

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