Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga was today forced to withdraw his remarks about English club Arsenal after the crowd he was addressing went wild.

It was during the seasoned opposition leader’s speech at Coast ODM Delegates Meeting held at Wild Waters, Mombasa County today when he claimed that he was ready to spill the beans of what happened that led to the Supreme Court decision on the 2022 election.

Raila insisted that he was the rightful winner of the 2022 election, claiming that his win was stolen and even after seeking to overturn the announcement made by the electoral body, IEBC, there things (which he threatened to reveal), happened at the Supreme Court leading to Ruto being declared the winner.

“Naweza kusema mambo amabayo yalifanyika huko Supreme Court nawezatoboa…(I can reveal what happened at the Supreme Court…),” Raila said as shouts of “Toboa, Toboa (Reveal) came from the overwhelmed supporters.

Raila said that it is now time for Kenyans to take action and exercise their constitutional rights through Mass Action, alleging that both the electoral body and the courts have failed. Raila claimed that if Kenyans don’t act now, then the same things will happen in 2027.

It was at this point that he mentioned Arsenal while comparing what the Kenya Kwanza government is allegedly doing in the picking of new IEBC commissioners, sending the crowd wild.

“Timu ya uchaguzi lazima iundwe na pande zote mbili. Tuseme kwamba Arsenal…(The IEBC commission must be constituted by both the two sides. Let’s say Arsenal…),,” Raila said before the shouting crowd forced him to pause his speech.

“Wacha niwache Arsenal. Kama Liverpool inacheza na Man U na Liverpool ndio wamechagua referee, Mau U watakubali kweli? (Let me leave alone Arsenal. If Liverpool is playing against Man U and Liverpool is the ones who chose the referee, will Man U accept that?),” Raila posed, insisting that the opposition must be involved in chosing the new IEBC chairman.

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