Barbara said it was against the Luo customs to lock the mourners out of the home.

The widow of former Education Cabinet Secretary the late George Magoha has made an apology to mourners who turned up at their home in Umiru, Siaya county.

Barbara Magoha referenced the fracas that occurred at the home on the evening of Friday, February 11.

Crowds took on the police as they forced their entry into the home but could not be let in as the main gate was closed.

Barbara said it was against the traditions to lock the mourners out thus her apology to them.

“I want to apologize to the wananchi about what happened yesterday when there was a little fracas when I went into the home. Some people don’t know that it is a Luo custom that when the widow opens the gate, the mourners are allowed to enter and mourn.

The gate was closed and I could understand the pain of the mourners, and I’m extremely sorry for that,” she said.

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