PS Omollo Badly Mocks Raila Odinga

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Raymond Omollo has blasted Raila Odinga and a section of Nyanza leaders for leading supporters to burn roads and shops during demonstrations. He is clear that, the roads are for the people and they are not used by president William Ruto.

Raymond Omollo has sought to know of how burning Kisumu roads will affect president William Ruto. He id clear that, the president stays in Nairobi and the issue of roads and property destruction in Nyanza will only disadvantage the people of Nyanza.

Raymond Omollo is clear that, the brand of politics by the opposition leaders is extremely unfortunate. Omollo is however clear that, they have instructions from president William Ruto to stop any form of demonstrations.

Omollo has also challenged the Azimio leader Raila Odinga to explain of how the people who lost their loved one’s in Nyanza and will benefit from the bipartisan talks. Raymond has urged the people of Nyanza to sober up and see the fraud in Raila’s brand of politics.

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