Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga has furiously unmasked the main reason why he and President Uhuru fell out with Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking during a tour of Nairobi County on Sunday, November 28, the former PM accused DP Ruto of insatiable appetite for public resources.

The former premier noted that Ruto has no boundaries when it comes to stealing public funds for his own benefit.

Raila further gave an example on when the two leaders were working together when he was Prime minister. Raila stated that his main reason for firing Ruto was after he caught him dipping his hands in various dockets and pocketing money meant for the country’s development.

“In a span of one year, he spends Ksh100 million in one year yet we know your salary is just Ksh2 million. Where are you getting all that money. We know you have stolen it,” he added.

Further, Raila stated that Ruto fell out with Uhuru due to the same reasons. He gave an example that Ruto’s salary is only SH2 Million but he ends up spending over Sh100 Million annually.

Source: Kenyan report

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