The lead investigator in Meru Senator Muthika Linturi attempted rape case has claimed that their office is investigating claims of destroying nude photos and videos from the incident.

In the case, Linturi has been charged with attempted rape where it is alleged that he entered the victim’s hotel room and attempted to rape her while her husband was out.

In a new affidavit filed in court, police officer Keith Robert says they believe that the legislator played a key role in deleting the nude photos.

Robert has told the court that forensic analysis and reconstruction of the mobile phones are being conducted to retrieve the lost data.

However, he has attached two videos that were taken at the scene of the crime.

He further says that the investigations into the complaint made by the victim were conducted objectively, conclusively and in the best interest of justice.

He has asked the court to dismiss the application by Linturi seeking to terminate the attempted rape charge because the police have failed to provide documents in their possession.

He says terminating the case will not give the victim the Justice she so rightfully deserves.

Linturi also wanted the state to produce an abstract from Nanyuki police station, nude photographs and videos that the victim and her husband took of him at Maiyan villas on that day.

Sourced from mpasho.

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