All eyes will be at State House this morning as President Uhuru Kenyatta delivers a key address to the nation.

The President is expected to give the way forward on how the country will deal with the new wave of Covid-19 infections currently wreaking havoc in the country.

Currently, Kenya’s positivity rate is at an all time high of 29.7% with the Ministry of Health announcing 3,328 new cases on Wednesday, the most we have reported in more than eight months. When he locked down Nairobi and 4 other counties in March, the positivity rate was 22%.

Will Uhuru order for another lockdown or perhaps a night time curfew to curb the virus. And how would such measures affect Kenyans, most of whom are up country this festive season.

The President is also expected to give direction on the way forward for unvaccinated Kenyans. Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi announced on Wednesday that anyone seeking in-person government services will be required to provide a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

The same rule will apply in hotels, pubs, bars, lounges, casinos, game parks, supermarkets and markets. Failure to take the jab may also keep you immobile as domestic flights, matatus, buses, boda bodas, trains, and taxis will require the certificate.

It is not clear how this will be enforced, since only 13% of Kenyans are full vaccinated.

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