Popular UDA politician has been shot dead. Embu tycoon and former MCA aspirant who was shot dead under unclear circumstances in Embu town has finally been buried.

Residents of the busy town experienced high traffic as hundreds of mourners escorted his body for burial with traders milling around the roads to glimpse the fallen trader.

Mourners called on the government to conduct thorough investigations into his mysterious shooting of Dennis Mbae Mutegi and that those involved be brought to book.

The mourners lifted the shovels and wore dreadlocks matching in the streets to celebrate Mbae.

Many who knew him referred to him as Mbuyu, and they had nicknamed him Wajackoya. The mourners, among them Kirimari MCA Morris Nyaga, described the late Mutegi as a man of the people.

Security was tight within the streets of Embu town to counter any eventuality. The mourners arrived at his Gatondo farm for burial within a short period.

Here many people who had attended the burial warped uncontrollably, failing to come to terms with the fact that they won’t see their man again.

Eulogizing the deceased family members described Mbae as a man who was always there for them.

“Mutegi was a good person. He educated children for the less fortunate, he gave food to the needy, and his death is a great loss to many people,” Diana Wanja, an aunt to the deceased, said.

Notably, the eulogy did mention Mbae’s wives and children during the funeral.

The businessman cum politician lived a luxurious life which he kept secret from himself and his close friends could not understand his life.

He was shot 17 times by unknown assailants last week in the Bonanza area in Embu town.

Before meeting his death, authorities had investigated the well-connected and wealthy man over reports that he was selling drugs, especially bhang from Ethiopia.

“An independent probe had revealed that he was colluding with some senior police officers and even court officials, and was even bribing them,” a senior officer noted.

The deceased had unsuccessfully contested the Kirimari Ward representative seat on a Maendeleo Chap Chap party ticket earlier.

By K24 digital

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