Police have arrested the wife of Paul Mackenzie in the ongoing investigation into the Kilifi cult that convinced members to starve to death to meet God.

Rhoda Mumbua Maweu was seized from her hideout in Mtwapa alongside her aunt on Monday night, police told the Nation.

A security source privy to the investigation confided to the Nation that Mumbua has been identified as a key figure within the church’s operations.

Mackenzie has been accused of manipulating people through skewed, extreme religious teachings and fear of the unknown in pursuit of salvation, leading to the deaths of many.

The self-styled spiritual leader is in police custody for allegedly preaching a dangerous doctrine that encourages his followers to starve themselves to death in order to reach heaven faster.

As part of the investigation, police have been reviewing Mackenzie’s phone records and interviewing individuals connected to the church.

It was during this process that Mumbua’s name came up as a person of interest.

Police are looking into her case as a ‘human resource manager’ for Mackenzie’s administration.

The investigators believe that she was a key figure in the administration of the church and played a role in the church’s questionable teachings that led to the deaths of several people.

Police searched Mackenzie’s phone records and discovered several incriminating messages between him and his wife.

Police say Mumbua played a vital role in recruiting new members into the cult. It is also alleged that she may have had access to sensitive financial information and may have been involved in making financial decisions on behalf of the church.

Mumbua is Mackenzie’s third wife. Mackenzie’s first wife died in 2009 leaving behind two children.

In 2012, he remarried and his wife died in 2017 leaving behind four children.

Mackenzie married Mumbua soon after the death of his second wife.

Sourced from nation.

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