Nimekuachia Wanawake Wengine, Details of Woman’s Suicide Note

On Monday, January 17, the country woke up to the news of a Kenya Defence Forces’s wife who had committed suicide and poisoned her children- in what has been characterised as an act of rage and vindictiveness. 

According to police officers privy to the matter, Mary Mulombe from Murang’a County left behind a five page suicide note detailing why she resorted to commit such a treacherous act. 

Mulombe listed 14 reasons- key among them her husband’s alleged infidelity. The wife gave the names of five women she accused her husband of having affairs with during their six-year marriage.

Terming it as betrayal, she, however, assured her husband of her undying love after death. 

Mulombe also stated that she couldn’t bear sharing her husband with other women. Further, she indicated that she had Ksh80,000 in her mobile money and another Ksh100,000 in her bank account. Mulombe then provided her PIN to both accounts, granting her husband access to share it with his other women. 

“She indicated in her suicide note that she could not share her husband with five other women and that is why she decided to commit suicide. She disclosed that she had Ksh80,000 in her M-Pesa and another Ksh100,000 in her bank account whose ATM she had put together with the note. She went ahead to provide the PIN number to the M-Pesa and the ATM,”  Ithanga police boss, John Ogallo, spoke to the media.

According to the police, the husband is currently dispatched to Lamu County where the team is under instructions to flush terrorists within the area. 

Dormitila Waeni, Mulombe’s sister-in-law, also noted that she had not exhibited any signs of distress prior to the act. 

Waeni revealed that Mulombe had ordered a heart-shaped cake alongside a bunch of flowers. Her worker, Paul Nzioki, also noted that she woke up early in the morning and proceeded to sweep the compound. 

“She even invited me to share the cake. I asked her whose birthday was it but she said it was no one’s birthday. She told me she bought the cake after her children had demanded one. That marked the last time I saw them alive,” Paul Nzioki stated.

Sadly, Waeni pointed out that the children were found laying on the floor with matching outfits.

“When my mother got into the house, the firstborn had not died but she was foaming from the mouth and nose. She lay in her grandmother’s arms and called her three times before she died. It was already too late to do anything to save them,” Waeni stated.

“When we spoke, she was jovial as usual. There was no indication of a problem. I didn’t even know about the claims of infidelity. We had a wonderful conversation and she even promised to soon pay back a loan I had secured for her from a group in Kangundo. She was like a sister to me,” she added.

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