Kenyan-Canadian attorney Miguna Miguna says he will renounce his Kenyan citizenship if ODM leader Raila Odinga becomes president.

Using the hashtag #RejectRailaOdinga, Miguna also stated that he will sell all his property in Kenya should the ODM leader be elected as Kenya’s fifth president.

“If…@RailaOdinga becomes president of Kenya, I’ll sell all my properties there and renounce my citizenship,” Miguna wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Odinga, 77, will be giving his fifth stab at the presidency in the August 9th elections under the ‘Azimio La Umoja’ movement.

Miguna was deported to Canada in February 2018 following arrest for taking part in the mock swearing-in of Odinga as ‘people’s president’.

The Immigration Department later indicated that Miguna was illegally in the country, saying he had renounced his Kenyan citizenship while acquiring a Canadian passport.

In 2018, Justice Chacha Mwita ruled that Miguna is a Kenyan citizen and that his birthright is not affected by him holding a Canadian passport. The judge added that Miguna’s rights were violated when they deported him and awarded Sh7 million as compensation. 

Several court orders have since been issued directing the government to facilitate Miguna’s return to Kenya but authorities have ignored these orders.

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