Some netizens have expressed their displeasure with CNN’s Larry Madowo after he took a light swipe at local media houses over a gaffe made during the presidential debate of David Waihiga Mwaure on Tuesday, July 26.

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Madowo, a former NTV and KTN news anchor, pointed out a spelling mistake that read ‘pubic’ instead of public.
What are PUBIC questions?

— Larry Madowo (@LarryMadowo) July 27, 2022

Notably, pubic means something that is near sexual organs while public means something that concerns the people as a whole.

Reacting to Madowo’s post, many people could not believe that they could afford such a mistake when a majority of Kenyans across the world were tuned in.

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Some took issue with Larry, they strongly condemned him and claimed that he had decided to belittle local media houses because he is now working for CNN

As expected, others took the opportunity to throw shade at local journalists referring to them as poorly trained and whatnot.

Here are the reactions by the undefeated people of the internet.
Larry this is from your station, does CNN not edit contents you get , this was your job to do bro.Typos occur everywhere but you can just edit before sending to consumers

— Politics KE 🇰🇪 (@PoliticiansPre1) July 27, 2022
tumia akili ni public,,kwani hiyo kichwa kubwa safi ni bakuli ya uji😒

— KIJANA YA KEG (@abonyo_billy) July 27, 2022
Mambo ni mengi muda ndio mchache, tulielewa they wanted to say public

— Floki (@Japhet_grandson) July 27, 2022
Same way Waihiga mwaura says Paracent instead of Percent. We are Africans and Africa is our business.

— rule the jungle (@__chiwaii) July 27, 2022

@citizentvkenya is the real definition of Githeri media. Full of unqualified journalists where most of them are Azimio minions. They act under strict instructions from the state.

— Dinoho. (@KushMaara) July 27, 2022
That’s not the case. The man chickened out of the presidential debate because he cannot stand being questioned about the so called handshake gvt

— Alex Mugendi (@AlexMugendi11) July 27, 2022.

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