Kenyatta Family Launch a Mega War With Dp Gachagua

Deputy President Hon Rigathi Gachagua has been embroiled in a conflict with former Head of State Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, but the reasons for the conflict remain unclear.

The publication suggests that Gachagua’ s battle with Kenyatta stems from his desire to take on the mantle of leadership in the Mount Kenya region, a position currently held by Kenyatta. However, the Kenyatta family has recently made a move that could be detrimental to Gachagua’ s aspirations.

The article reports that the family has publicly declared its support for Kenyatta as the ” kingpin” of the Mount Kenya region, effectively quashing any hopes Gachagua may have had of assuming the position. Furthermore, the family has dismissed claims that Kenyatta should stay out of the political arena in Kenya.

If Kenyatta remains active in politics, it could prove difficult for Gachagua to maintain his influence in the region and hold onto his political aspirations. This news could have serious implications for Gachagua’ s political future, particularly with the 2022 polls looming.

It’ s important to note that the reasons for the conflict between Gachagua and Kenyatta remain unclear, and it’ s not clear what Gachagua’ s next steps will be in response to the Kenyatta family’ s declaration of support. However, this latest development could have significant consequences for the political landscape in the Mount Kenya region and beyond.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been under scrutiny in recent weeks and months, as his political career continues to attract attention. Gachagua, who hails from Mathura, has defied the odds to become the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a position that carries significant influence and responsibility.

Known for his candid and straightforward approach, Gachagua has earned both praise and criticism for his style of leadership. Some have speculated that his outspokenness could create tension between him and his boss, President William Samoei Ruto.

Despite this, some believe that Gachagua is well- positioned to take over from Ruto should they continue to work together until 2032. However, in politics, nothing is certain, and anything can happen.

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