A photo of an expressway in Canada being demolished decades after its construction has gone viral and sparked a debate in Kenya.

In the photo seen by, a shell of what was an elevated road similar to the Nairobi Expressway. Underneath the road, there is debris and a number of bulldozers normally used in demolishing houses.

The first caption that was widely shared in Kenya claimed that the expressway in Toronto, Canada which stands above Lake Shore Boulevard was being demolished because of traffic congestion in the city.

Kenyans began questioning the relevance of the Nairobi Expressway currently under construction and, especially, whether it would put an end to the traffic menace in the city.

Other Kenyans with an eye for detail noticed a structural difference between the expressway in the image and the one in Nairobi. The one in the image seemed to have steel bars running through from one pillar to another, a clear difference from the one in the country.

“Quick side question. Engineers, does the Nairobi Expressway have such steel inside the concrete girders? If it’s just concrete with reinforced rebar, is it as strong and durable?” a netizen posed.

His question was responded to by another user who stated that depending on many factors, engineers have an option of deciding between steel and reinforced concrete.

Also, brought up was the issue of the cost of the expressway following the announcement that Kenya would have to spend Ksh7.6 billion more on the expressway.

He expressed concern on whether Kenya would also have to demolish its expressway in the future. In addition, another user questioned whether leaders consult professionals before undertaking such projects.

One user defended the construction of the expressway stating that Kenya had different needs from Canada. While responding to a comment that claimed that the United Kingdom. verified that the elevated road in the photo is the Gardiner Expressway. However, claims that the entire expressway was being demolished are inaccurate.

Only a section of Gardiner will be demolished in planned renovations to allow wheelchair users, cyclists and emergency vehicles to cross Lake Shore Drive.

In the new changes, four exit ramps: Cherry, Nevis, Sherbourne and the link to Don Valley Parlway will be reconfigured.

By Kenyans

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