Supremacy battle between Nyandarua County Governor Francis Kimemia, and former water CS, Sicily Kariuki played out at a Jubilee party meeting in Oljororook constituency in Nyandarua county.

The two politicians are eyeing the Nyandarua gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee party ticket.

The dramatic incident ensued when Sicily Kariuki was asked to deliver her speech.

A group of jubilee members (believed to be Kimemia followers) stormed out of the meeting, leaving the tents nearly empty.

The other group that was left began heckling, making it impossible for Kariuki to deliver her remarks.

Sicily attempted to beg the inhabitants not to go, but her efforts were in vain.

In a viral video, the former CS can be heard begging the people to stay quiet.

“I know you love me. That’s why you are making noise. Those who are departing, please stop moving out. Just listen to what I have to say,” Sicily is heard saying.

On Saturday, a similar occurrence occurred in Kipipiri constituency.

Sicily and her spouse walked out from a Jubilee meeting shortly after the arrival of Governor Kimemia.

CS Kariuki announced her resignation on Wednesday, February 9, in order to popularise her gubernatorial bid in the upcoming August elections.

Addressing the press, Kariuki said that she would be taking her 30 years of expertise to serve Nyandarua County.

“This follows months of listening to the people of Nyandarua who have come to trust me, my concern for them, my vision, my commitment and my dedication and capability to accelerate development in Nyandarua,” CS Kariuki said.

Sourced from Nairobi times

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