The political war in the Jubilee Party has escalated after the party, through Secretary-General Raphael Tuju issued one of a kind statement against Deputy President William Ruto on Monday, September 6.

Speaking outside Jubilee headquarters, Tuju sensationally claimed that Ruto had ruled the country in the first term of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration (2013-2017) through blackmail and threat of withdrawing his tribe’s support.

The party said that the blackmail ended after the handshake agreement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“We believe that our president has been very tolerant indeed. The blackmail stock options expiry date was immediately after the 2017 elections. The battery died after the handshake because the number game and the blackmail of withdrawal of tribal numbers lost political potency at that time, this is the truth that all Kenyans should know,” he stated.

He further linked the DP to mega graft scandals and abuse of office, accusations which he asked Ruto to refund to the government for distribution to the hustler nation. The Jubilee SG also questioned the vast wealth owned by the party deputy leader. He stated that the DP should inform Kenyans how he earned such immense wealth in a short time – sarcastically urging Ruto to show other hustlers the miracle he had used.

“The DP is on video record when he told Kenyans that he is worth Ksh100M in 2015…In the intervening seven years, he has worked very hard and has assets like choppers, hotels, and land worth billions.”

“While the exact average of what he (DP Ruto) is said to own may still be debatable, he has accepted the ownership of at least 3600 acres of land … he should show ‘hustlers’ and us clueless adults on how to acquire such property in such a short time,” the CS without portfolio stated.

Further, as the Deputy party leader, the DP ought to show documents showing the amount he has paid to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). He added that as a leader and citizen of the country, Ruto ought to lead by example.

“We request that in his wonderful act of transparency, he shows us his very big payment to KRA,” the patty boss added.

The Jubilee SG also addressed the Arror and Kimwarer dam debacle where approximately Ksh7 billion was lost according to the DP in a past interview.

Tuju referenced this and requested Ruto to leverage his networks in Italy in order to retrieve the money lost. He added that Ruto’s daughter was the deputy ambassador in Rome at the time.

“Ksh7 billion disappeared and he assured us it would be returned. It has never been returned by the Italians. His daughter was the ambassador in Rome at the time and since he has some private business in Italy, would he be so kind to this nation of ‘hustlers’ to use his vast business network to recover this money.”

“We request a truthful response of the DP to these matter raised for the sake of Kenyans. The time is over for cheap, media spinning and media doctoring,” he stated.

Sourced from Kenyans

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