Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has hit back at state agencies amid fears of her imminent arrest.

On Thursday, a local newspaper reported that detectives were finalising investigations into corruption allegations at the Kirinyaga county government, which could see her arrested as early as next week.

The report said that the EACC has concluded investigations into the planned payment of millions of shillings for a dubious land survey tender by the Kirinyaga County government and payment of questionable allowances to the governor and county officials.

But Waiguru said the move by EACC and DCI have been escalated by her recent defection to the United Democratic Alliance allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

Waiguru and about twenty MCAs joined UDA on Tuesday and were welcomed by the DP alongside other leaders allied to him.

“Surely, barely 48 hours after we decamped to UDA and now this? As a believer in the rule of law this is unfortunate,” Waiguru said.

The governor said the move is meant to dissuade those contemplating the same and an attempt at engineering succession politics.

“It won’t work. Kenyans are not stupid. There is God in heaven,” Waiguru said.

The governor had said that she had widely consulted the locals and was directed towards joining UDA.

”The bible says when you lack wisdom you ask for it. I have asked for it and I have listened and checked with many members seated here,” she said.

Last month, the governor was grilled by the anti-graft agency over a Sh52 million pending bill in her county.

She had received compelling summons to appear before the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over the claims.

However, the detectives said they were investigating genuine concerns of an alleged pending payment of Sh52 million allocated by county assembly.

The pending bill was acquired in 2010, for subdivision, allocation and cadastral mapping of over 7,000 acres of South Ngariama Settlement Scheme.

Waiguru had earlier claimed that the move to probe the issue was political and the people behind it were her opponents.

She said that her political ambition will not be stopped by the summons, saying that not even a shilling was paid in the planned scheme.

After meeting with the DP, Waiguru said that Kirinyaga residents spoke their minds during Mashujaa day celebrations in the county.

”Anyone there heard it for themselves. You saw it yourself and we also saw that you were a bit startled yourself,” she said.

“We could see.. you have great humility because you did not chest thump and that is why the people love you. Sisi tumeamua, tumevuka. Chama ni UDA na form ni Hustler.”

Waiguru thanked members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly for accompanying her on her journey to join the Hustler Nation.

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