Deputy President-elect, Rigathi Gachagua, is just a heartbeat away from inheriting a mansion in one of the country’s wealthy suburbs, Karen.

As the country’s next second in command, Gachagua will take over the tenancy of the mansion that sprawls a 10-acre plot currently occupied by President-elect William Ruto.

The DP-elect, who has been to the home christened ‘Hustlers Mansion’ numerously, will officially park his bags from his Mathira countryside homestead to Karen after he is officially sworn in.

Since 2020 when the pandemic hit, Ruto spent most of his time in the two-storey mansion painted Parmesan cream from where he hatched his political strategies after his estrangement from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In May 2022, the DP formally unveiled Gachagua as his presidential running mate during a press conference he convened at the mansion.

The home spots a top-of-the-range swimming pool with a separate staff residence and a comptrollers unit that is ready to serve his every need, including those he does not ask for.

It is a behemoth 2-storey building, painted in cream and contains a spacious office block in which its incoming occupant will holds meetings.

In 2019, its current occupant unveiled a church inside the residence at an event that was attended by Reverend Teresa Wairimu, Bishop Mark Kariuki, KFCB CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, and Citizen TV anchors Victoria Rubadiri and Joe Ageyo.

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