Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign is facing a hard time financially after the National Treasury delayed releasing funds to his office.

Recent reports by The Nation indicated that the DP’s office has not been receiving operational funds from the government.

According to the publication, DP Ruto was spending his own money to cater for the accommodation and other expenses of his staff members during campaigns.

Ruto is also reported as spending his personal money to fuel government vehicles. Insiders allege that funding of the DP’s office may have been stopped by State House Comptroller, Kinuthia Mbugua.

Reports further indicate that the vehicles assigned to Ruto’s office were no longer fuelling at National Oil filling stations as should be the case.

The DP’s office revealed that budgetary allocations for essential office activities were also stopped by the National Treasury in September 2021 without any explanation being offered.

It has also emerged that allowances and other benefits owed to staff hired by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and deployed to DP Ruto’s office have also not been paid since last year.

“The office of the DP has not received money from the National Treasury. All the departments are affected. We are told it affects the entire government.

“The Office of the Deputy President has made its own arrangements to ensure operations are not interrupted. Fortunately, the PSC has been paying staff salaries,” DP Ruto’s Communications Director, Emmanuel Talam, stated.

But the National Assembly Budget Committee chairman, Kanini Kega, rebutted claims that the DP’s office was being sabotaged financially.

Kega stated that his team approved the necessary funding and even opined that DP Ruto’s trip to the United States and the United Kingdom were funded by the government.

In 2021, DP Ruto’s budget allocation was slashed to Ksh1,402,500,000, a Ksh35,000,000 drop from the previous year’s Ksh1,437,800,000.

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