When president William Ruto unveiled his cabinet, many were surprised that his key advisor who was at the centre of bottom up economics Mr David Ndii was not part of the nominees.

Since then, many have continueed asking questions whey the economic guru was left out of Ruto’s cabinet outline. Ask no more! David Ndii himself has set the records straight.

Taking it to his social media platforms, economist Ndii has made it clear that he was not left out, in fact, Ndii says he has a job in the Kenya Kwanza government.

Ndii has explained that his team unanimously agreed to give or award the Treasury CS slot to the former Central Bank of Kenya governor Mr Ndung’u Njuguna. “I did not miss, we are a team and we chose professor Ndung’u for Treasury. I have a job agreed upon with the president long time ago that I have been doing and WI continue to do,” said Ndii.

Without doubt, Mr Ndii has been in Ruto’s inner core of strategic advisors and will continue to be Ruto’s advisors. Exoerts have opined that the people close to power may not necessarily hold public office.

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