It was a scene to behold when a renowned bishop was caught in a compromising place with mama kanisa.

Bishop Mutulu Muniaka of Reformed Hallelujah Church shocked many residents when he was found ‘feeding’ on his flock.

Mama kanisa’s husband had caught wind that his wife was secretly seeing the man of God but he couldn’t fathom.

So he sought the help of a renowned magician Daktari Mzee Nyuki who using his experience, gave him some herbal medicines which he placed in his wife’s inner pants.

So when she left the house to attend a choir preparation, he never knew that they were heading to a guest room.

Two hours later, they were attacked by live bees which stung them, forcing them to flee outside half-naked.

The lovebirds were saved by hotel management from the public wrath who were baying for their blood.

They were arrested and are to be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

By tuko

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