Another Headache For Ruto After Court Ruling

After Chief Justice Martha Koome’s Judiciary throwing out Okiya Omtatah’s case on the Finance Bill early today, celebrations and jubilation filled the air in President William Ruto’s camp as they knew that they have finally won. They were confirmed that the matter was all but over.

While that was the case, it seems like President William Ruto’s happiness on the Finance Bill ruling has now been cut short after the latest declaration from the tireless Okiya Omtatah.

Through his official Twitter account, Okiya Omtatah who is the Busia county senator made it clear that it is not yet over. He went ahead to confirm that he is still optimistic that he will come back even more stronger and challenge the Finance Bill and thus, Ruto’s camp should not relax.

If that is the case, then Kenyans are just about to witness another showdown soon. This time round, it may be tough on President William Ruto’s side as it is not yet known how prepared Okiya Omtatah will come.

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