It all began when Twitter user @iamjoseh_ started a thread for people who have ever been blocked by Deputy President William Ruto.

The post opened the proverbial can of worms as tens of people came forward to disclose that they too were victims.

Blocked after disagreements
Most revealed that they were blocked by the incoming president years ago after questioning or disagreeing with some of his posts.

One of those blocked disclosed to a local media that she found herself on the wrong side of the incoming president after questioning him extensively.

“We had a disagreement when I asked him about the Kimwarer Dam scandal. We were arguing on different pages,” she said.

The interviewee added that it’s been more than a year since the doyen blocked her, but she is aware politics is all about interests.

I’m asking the 5th to unblock me. I was just joking and I’m a hustler like himself,” she pleaded.

Public reactions
Many of those who shared the fate asked for forgiveness and requested that Ruto be told to unblock them.

Sourced from Tuko

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