Ruto to Be out of The Country For 360 Days

The second in command honorable Rigathi Gachagua has publicly given a reason why his boss President William Ruto could be out of the country for a period of three hundred and sixty days that are in a calendar year.

Before making the revelation, Gachagua has told Kenyans how has managed to become the light of Africa as many countries want his to speak about the continent.

According to him, the reason Ruto could be out for those days is if he accepts all the invites that he has been getting from countries around the world whose leaders want to host him.

Gachagua has added that this attraction that Ruto is getting is attributed the way he has been embraced despite his opponents painting a bad picture about him like allegedly referring to him as a corrupt person before he came into office.

“Today he is the desired visitor of every capital in the world. If he was to honor the invitations to the countries he is being asked to visit, he will be out of this country for 360 days in a year. That is why people are envious.

They thought that the west and East would not embrace him. They characterized him as somebody unworthy of leadership. They said he is a thief, corrupt and that the bottom up economic agenda is a fuss.

In one year he has been the leading light in the African continent. He is being sought by country in Africa to speak for Africa,” said DP Gachagua.

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