Prof Makau Mutua and Miguna Miguna’s Fight Go To Another Level

In the past few weeks Kenyans have been entertained by online fight from two supposedly intellectuals Professor Makau Mutua and Canadian Barrister Miguna Miguna.

It started when Miguna Miguna in his usual spewing of vulgarity criticized Makau Mutua.

Makau Mutua did not taking it lying down but also decided to become petty himself.

He published unappealing photos of Miguna Miguna. He even made a mockery of them by having an image of President Uhuru Kenyatta laughing by the side. It seemed like the president was laughing at Miguna’s bald head.

Those who know Miguna know that he is not particularly proud of his baldness. He always wears a cap.

Exposing him like that drove Miguna Miguna over the edge. He called Makau Mutua an academic fraud and fat toad from Buffalo

Makau Mutua on his part alleged that Miguna should be prosecuted for sexually assaulting immigrants seeking asylum in Canada.

Miguna could take it no more. He went ahead and sued Makua in a Canadian court for defamation.

Makau seemed unbothered and said it is not a crime to expose fruits of a fraud.

It seems like Miguna Miguna has finally given up and decided to block Makau Mutua.

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